About Us

Our aim to provide our users with the most accurate and unbiased information on the very best currency transfer service providers.

In doing so, our users are able to save money, save time and have confidence in the right company. Whilst there are other comparison websites available, we believe we are the only one offering complete unbiased information, this means our results are not based on which provider pays us the highest commission (more on that shortly). The only way to reach the number one slot on this website is to be the very best; our algorithms determine this using both rate, fees and also customer feedback collected from the best independent review websites on the internet.

Why we started?

Conceptualised in 2016, and prompted by moving abroad, I started Currency Compare after getting overwhelmed by both chasing the best exchange rate and worrying about the large sums of money we were transferring back and forth.

From buying a house, to day-to-day living, the exchange rate offers a sometimes positive but all to often worrying financial variability (especially post-Brexit), This variability is both difficult to follow and was often time consuming and frustrating. Several FX accounts and cards later I had turned to comparison sites, all to often being presented with clearly paid for advertising and biased inaccurate search results.

As a company, our goal is to put this right. From the very beginning our search engines have been designed with transparency and accuracy in mind to provide unbiased live rates and information to our users (and me…).

What do we get from this free service?

So we save our users all this hassle, time and money for free, what’s the catch? Well fortunately there isn’t one for our users, we are paid a small commission fee by the provider upon conversation of our referrals, this fee varies but does not influence which provider we promote. Currently, any commission is cycled back into the development of this website in order to improve user experience, add features and find new providers.

I hope you find this site useful and we value any feedback you may have. Both users and provides can get in touch via our contact page.

Eliot Webb – Founder.